Oxford University TSM Symposium

Symposia Details...

What's it all about?

Oxford University has organised and hosted five events called TSM Symposium, all of which which have been held in St Catherine's College. The latest was in September 2007, covering a wide variety of Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) related topics and particularly thinking about Preparing the Path for new and changed functionality expected to come in TSM over the next couple of years.

It offered opportunities to keep up with the very latest features, gain hints and tips on upgrading archive and backup services, learn how to exploit the forthcoming new functionality, and acquire additional technical insight into TSM. Attendees were able to take full advantage of the presentations from IBM Development, as well as contributions from other experienced and established TSM users. Not to mention being able to meet and get to know peer professionals.

Later TSM Symposia

The TSM Symposium is still held every two years, just not in Oxford...

In 2009 the Symposium was held in Germany by the University of Cologne and further details can be found on the TSM Symposium 2009 Website.

In 2011 the Symposium will again be held in Germany and further details can be found on the TSM Symposium 2011 Website.


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